Thursday, October 28, 2010

endulge me if you will.............

as these quilts have been about 18 months in the making.  After falling in love with this quilt I became determined to make a quilt for each of my girls in a similar fashion.

I decided to go with pink and green blocks for miss A and yellow and purple blocks for Miss B, based on their favourite colours at the time. 

All inspired I rushed out to my local fabric warehouse and bought up any and every bit of quilting fabric in said colours, with little or no thought put into the choices I was making.  I even bought the batting.

I set about making my first blocks........................and then I discovered via the wonderful world of blogging, designer fabrics.

Suddenly I hated all the fabric I had bought.  I completely lost enthusiasm for the project. 
It all languished in my tiny sewing room, taking up valuable space for more than 12 months.  Every now and again I would pull some fabric out and make afew more squares, because I couldn't bare the idea of never really finishing the quilts.

Then afew months ago I read about Mel sending a quilt to Suzanne to be quilted. 

Light bulbs went off in my head!!!!!  I know Suzanne, I thought to myself.  We both meet up at the Craftroom from time to time.
I contacted Suzanne to see if she would be interested in quilting my quilts on her long-arm machine- YES, she was! 
That was all the inspiration I needed to f.i.n.a.l.l.y. get on with it and get the quilts done.  Truth be told, it was not only the fabrics I didn't like, it was the thought of quilting two single bed size quilts on my domestic machine.
After laying out the blocks the way I originally planned (pink/green and yellow/purple - don't worry I'm cringing right along with you) I decided it would look much, much better if I made both the quilts using all four colours.  As the girls share a bedroom this would also give the room more harmony.

A week and a half later (I know incredible or what after so much procrastinating) I had both the quilt tops finished. 
I decided to use some store bought bed sheets for the backing for a couple of reasons.  Firstly to save time and secondly to save money.  Worked well on both counts. 
I know this wouldn't be everyone's cup of tea, but seeing as though the fabrics on the front were cheap and nasty (let's be honest here) I didn't see the point in going all out on the backing.

After a few emails back and forth between Suzanne and I, I settled on an over-all design called Butterfly Garden for the quilting.  I dropped the quilts over to Suzanne, and a week later she had them both finished!  I was soo soo excited when I went to pick them up. 

I was totally overwhelmed with how beautiful they looked once they had been quilted. 
I cannot fault her work or professionalism.  Job very well done!  Thank you so much Suzanne. 

I decided to make pieced binding, using up all the left over scraps. 
In the 18 months which passed since I started these quilts Miss A has decided her favourite colours are now pink and yellow, and Miss B's are purple and pink. 
Lucky I mixed the blocks all together then.  Phew! 

I machine stitched the bindings on and hey presto, suddenly the quilts were - DONE. 

Miss A and Miss B are truly rapt with their quilts.
And you know what, so am I.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tuesday through........the window

Today I'm playing along with Swedish House

as described by Julie



In your home, your shed, your school, your place of work, your favourite shop, your journey...
Wherever you are...Inside or Outside...
Share your view of the world!"

My image is looking through my sewing room window.
On the left is a picture drawn by Miss A, with a square of calico taped over it.  I'm going to trace it off and embroider it - a first for me!
On the right is one of my first crafty pursuits, a leadlight panel I made years ago.  Even on a dull, cloudy day like today it makes the view pretty.

Also, my giveaway closed last Friday. 
Thank you to Julie and Suzanne for entering. 
I will make a customised scarflette for each of you once you get back to me with your preferences.

Thanks for joining in.

Hope the view through your window is an inspiring one!

Friday, October 8, 2010


Well we're back safe and sound from our family holiday up the coast.

We managed to get out of the house a couple of times despite the absolute deluge of rain which fell over the weekend!

Beauty could still be found wherever I looked though!

Just a little reminder that my giveaway is still open until midnight tonight. 
All you have to do is link to the giveaway post on your blog, then leave a comment on the giveaway post saying you've done that and your in!  Become a follower, leave another comment, and you've got yourself another entry.
Entries have been ummm, a little on the sparse go on, odds are good you'll be the winner!