Monday, July 16, 2012

street art inspiration


I could spend all day looking; drinking in the inspiration.

Seeing this feeds my soul, reminds me of the talent, creativity, humour, human struggle and variety 'out there'.

Sometimes I need, I mean really need to be reminded that there is so much more outside my small, mundane, suburban existance

click through and feed your soul

Friday, July 13, 2012

sending out an S.O.S.

Mendocino wonky improv quilt
inspiration quilt by oh-cherry-sew

I know you're out there, fabric horders and stashers, I need your help!

A dear friend of mine has a daughter obssessed with mermaids. 
She is gearing up to moving into her own bedroom so my friend wants to decorate the room with a mermaid/underwater theme.

While discussing this with her one day I jumped on pinterest and showed her some of the beautiful quilts made with Heather Ross' Mendocino fabric. 
She fell. in. love.

Mendocino Quilts
inspiration quilt by Erica Randall
image source

So this is where I need your help. 
As we all know this fabric is rare as hens teeth, but I have cooked up a plan to make a quilt for my little friends birthday later this year, using as much Mendocino fabric as I can get my hands on. 
I am particularly interested in the aqua/orange colourway as in these gorgeous quilts I found on flickr.

Orange and Blue Quilt
inspiration quilt by theknicksofknacks
image source

If you, or anyone you know, has any fabric from the Mendocino collection you are willing to part with I NEED it!

Contact me

 and we can discuss prices.

I knew I could count on you ;)  !!!