Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Simply Sweet Tunic Top & Blouse pattern testing

Hello there, everyone!
Well I am so happy to say I am on the other side of my hip operation.
It went very well and I am happily resting and recovering, getting stronger every day.

A couple of weeks ago, I was contacted by the very talented Marina.

Marina wanted to know if I would test her new pattern,
which she was fine tuning to be released under her pattern label Wink Designs.

I didn't need to be asked twice! 

I decided to make this my last sewing project before my hip operation.

Whats great is that this pattern goes all the way from size 1, up to size 8. 
It can be hard to find patterns from smaller pattern houses in sizes larger than 6 so I made the long sleeve blouse for Aimee in the size 8. 

Remember the fabrics from this post, well this is the project they were bought for.

I really love this blouse and the pattern is very well written and easy to follow.
Of all patterns I've ever used, including both large commercially produced ones and smaller independant ones, this would have to be one of my favourites.  I followed the intructions pretty much word for word and didn't get stuck or confused anywhere.  And the garment came out looking and fitting just how it should - YEAH!!

I have another in size 6 for Betty cut out and just waiting to be sewn up when I'm well enough. 
Betty has requested no ties, so I'm going to replace them with a button and loop.

 Aimee loves the blouse too and it goes perfectly with her new pink skinny jeans :))))))))

 And I'm just waiting for Summer so I can make a few of the sleeveless version too!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Fabric choices and a little sewing project

I'm excited at the moment about doing one last little bit of sewing before my surgery next week. 

I went to my local fabric store yesterday to get some fabric. 
I was browsing through the quilting fabric (typically I steer clear of quilting fabrics for garment making but sometimes you just can't beat the beautiful prints and patterns) when I spied some of my all time favourite quilting fabric.

  Sandi Henderson's Meadowsweet, Splashy Rose. 
I've oohed and ahhhed over this fabric ever since it came out afew years ago, and I used small bits of it that I received as a sample in this cushion cover,
but never jumped in and purchase any because I couldn't justify buying any more fabric when I have so much laying around not being used already.

But at $10 a metre I just COULD NOT overlook it.
I don't know what I'm going to do with it, but I'm soooo glad I brought it home with me :)!

I also bought three other fabrics, hoping my girls would find one each amongst them to choose for this little project. 
Both Aimee and Bethany have become quite hard to sew for these days.  They have their very own definate opinions when it comes to style and fabric choices, so I was a little worried buying the fabric without them with me.

As it turns out I needn't have worried, Bethany immediately chose this lovely red fabric

and Aimee just as quickly chose this sweet fabric - a beautiful combination of black background with teeny, tiny flowers all over it.

I was also very relieved that they didn't both want the same fabric!

I also bought this lovely blue and white floral fabric, which I think has a very old world charm to it. 

I really thought Bethany would go for this one, and initially she did.  She did eeny, meeny, miney, moe between this and the red one, but when she landed on this one she said, "it's just too blue and white mum".  That made me laugh.  She obviously really prefered the red fabric.

I am still amazed at just how much joy and satisfaction I can get out of gazing at fabric................

Hope you're having a great day whatever you're up to


Monday, June 11, 2012

an extra long weekend

Today brings to an end a lovely little four day break I've had with my girls, thanks to a pupil free day and the Queen's Birthday holiday on either side of the weekend.

We spent our time enjoying the sunshine and the great outdoors,

Middle Head, Sydney Harbour National Park

Aimee and Bethany with their Great Grandmother, BuzNanna Mary
 visiting family,

and keeping cosy by the fire while it poured with rain outside. 

Sewing has become a near impossibility for me over the last few months. 
I have lived with chronic pain all of my adult life due to hyper-mobility in my joints. 
Tracing and cutting patterns and fabric, and even sitting at the sewing machine cause me a lot of pain but I loved it too much to give it away. 

Well this year it has finally got the better of me, to the point where I can no longer even walk the girls to school.
So in a little over a week I will be having hip surgery.

As a result, there has only been minimal sewing going on. 

When I want to be a bit crafty or creative I've had to resort to baking or handcrafts for the most part.

So today we made this to die for Buttermilk Blueberry Cake,
except ours is a Buttermilk Mixed Berry/Sultana Cake. 

There was no way I was going anywhere in this weather (it has been bucketing down here in Sydney for more then 24 hours) and I only had a cup of frozen berries in the freezer so I made up the difference with the last of my sultanas.  I also used the cheats Buttermilk - a tablespoon of lemon juice in a 1 cup measuring jug, then fill up to one cup with full cream milk.  Let sit for five minutes and away you go!

All I can say is YUM!

I found this recipe via Pinterest a couple of days ago, and couldn't stop thinking about it. 

Will definitely be making this again.

I also did something I've been meaning and wanting to do for quite some time. Some sewing with my girls. 
They have been begging me for way too long to help them make some felt toys. 

Today was the day. 

 Bethany wanted a robot,

while Aimee wanted a doll from the book "Sewing for Children",
which is a favourite in this house. 

They both absolutely thrilled and amazed me with their ability and enthusiasm!

We still have a little way to go to finish them off, but both girls are very keen to finish them off so I will be posting about them here very soon!

Hope you've enjoyed your weekend, whatever the weather, wherever you are :)