Thursday, February 23, 2012

down at the oppy

I don't venture into my local oppy's very often. 
 Don't get me wrong, I Love op shopping. 
What I don't love is the watery/itchy eyes, sneezing, snuffly nose (read dust allergy) I get everytime I set foot inside.

Anyways, being the lady of leisure (HA!) that I am now that my two kiddies are at school, I went for a little sticky beak recently and came home with these gems.

1950's Butterick 8058 - in my size!

McCall's 9233 - 1968 junior petite dress, size 7. 
Thought this could be a lovely Communion dress for Aimee???

Vogue Vintage 2241, a vintage pattern re-released in the late 90's.
I don't think I'll ever have cause to make this one, but who knows............

Worth the allergic rhinitis I think!

Have you had any Op shop scores lately?

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentines Day

For most of my life I have seen Valentines Day as nothing more than a commercial beat up. 

Another day on the calendar, a day like any other.  

But over the past few years it has started to take on some meaning for me.  Rather then a day of romance between giggly teenagers gifting fluffy white teddies, I now see it as a day to celebrate all those around us who we love
 and it is a special chance to show them in some little way. 

I think this way of thinking was prompted when Aimee was in Kindergarten and she brought home a little picture which she had made in class that day, especially for me. 
This year was no exception, both the girls brought home sweet little cards which they had worked on at school yesterday.  They had both let slip in the morning that they would be making me something for Valentines Day so I decided to surprise them with a Valentines Day afternoon tea treat.
I used this recipe for the biscuits (I read the comments and added a 1/4 tsp vanilla extract), with a dollop of simple butter frosting tinted with pink food colouring in between.

It made me so happy to see my girls faces light up when they walked into the kitchen after school and found the table set with a plate each of these.
How about you?  What does Valentines Day mean to you?

Sunday, February 12, 2012

amigurumi love

When I first got back into crafting a few years ago it was because I stumbled across amigurumi on Flickr.
I haven't made anything in a while so I decided to make this cute little dolly based on one of my favourite patterns for a little girl turning two, whose mamma has a great appreciation and keen interest in all things handmade.

I love amigurumi because it is sooo easy - basically single crochet in the round - and so quick. 
This was hooked up over a couple of days, all up it was probably about 8 hours of work fun!

before                              after

Look at these two pictures. 
Can you spot what I missed and my seven year old pointed out to me?

Sweet :))))

Friday, February 10, 2012

shop update

I've been busy making On-the-Go Art Satchels to deliver to Shorties at Newtown. 
I was so chuffed when I recieved an email from Shorties ordering more. 
So I've made a delivery today - here's a squizz at some of the designs available.
If you can't make it to Newtown, I have an Etsy shop!

Thursday, February 9, 2012


I've been eager to share with you a little something I made on Monday night, but with this yukky weather we are having I only got the chance to snap afew shots this morning.

Amelia made this sweet little pocket quilt for her little one who started school last week. 

I fell in love with the idea and asked Bethany if she wanted something similar.  At the time she replied, "no Mum, I don't need something like that". 

Come Monday morning, she asked me for a photo of myself. 
At first I thought the teacher had asked everyone to bring in a photo of their family, but with a little questioning she revealed she just wanted it to keep in her pocket to look at when she was missing me - AAWWWWW - my heart melted. 

She then went on to specify that she wanted it as a "squishy thing" and explained what she wanted. 
Luckily for her I had some printable fabric on hand. 

I used a piece of her favourite fabric to make a little loveheart which I stuffed with fibrefill.  I then printed off a couple of photos, cut them down to size and whip stitched them in place.

She absolutely adores it and I am so glad she had it in her pocket on Wednesday when she forgot to put her lunchbox away and the teacher reprimanded her for it. Ouch!

In other school news, Aimee brought home the class trophy yesterday.

Well done Aimee.  You so deserve it :)


Friday, February 3, 2012

a simple handmade gift

A lovely little girl I know, let's call her Millie, turned four recently.  Now whenever Millie comes to my house she loves to play with my girls toy rotary clothes line.  She adores it in fact. 

So what could be better then her very own clothesline.  I got this very idea from somewhere out there in blogland but for the life of me cannot remember where it was........ so if you know, please let me know, so I can link back to it.  Ta.

Just a simple draw string bag,

with a little bit of (dodgy) embroidery so everyone knows its your PEG bag.

Pop in half a dozen old fashion wooden pegs and a length of nylon rope with some chunky wooden beads knotted onto each end. 

Voila, one simple, super cute handmade gift!

Besides Miss Millie loving clotheslines she desperately wanted an On-the-Go Art Satchel like her big brother and sister have,

so this one was whipped up especially for the occassion too.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

First day of Kindy!

My dear little Betty, looking so big in her school uniform.

We took all the manditory first day photo's.  I'm proud to say she (and I) managed to smile :)

Big sis Aimee is so excited about her sister starting school today.

I have to admit I have a very heavy heart and shed a tear or two after she was dragged (literally) into the classroom.........
Things can only get better from here!?!

I love you so much Bethany