Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sneaky Mr Sniffles

Not too much has been happening in these parts this week, as sneaky Mr Sniffles has been a most unwelcome guest.

My mum and I took the girls to the Australian Museum's Open Day last Sunday. Poor miss B came down with a fever while we were there and while we were fussing over her miss A did a disappearing act - a most anxious five minutes I NEVER want to repeat.

Miss A was very good, apparently telling the staff member at the reception desk her name, my name and what I was wearing! I think I was more of a mess than she was.

I've been learning new sewing techniques to make this flower brooch....

making fabric covered boxes with my girls (they chose the fabric - the green snake skin print wins over miss B every time!)....
and making these delightful little crochet flower squares - the pattern for which can be found here at this most lovely blog.
A girl's just got to craft (in sickness and in health....).


  1. That awful Mr Sniffles has been an unwelcome guest at our place too. I'm loving those flower squares, they look great. A cushion?

  2. Sorry to hear you've all been sick Fran. It looks like you have been busy too. The crochet looks fantastic as do your Yo yo's. I have to say Miss A must be very clever and calm, I would have been in pieces too. Thankfully we haven't had to deal with that situation yet. Hope your family is all well soon.

  3. oh wow those look great! I was just falling asleep last night when I remembered to make an adjustable ring you don't wrap it around your finger you just make the ring and go! there I was wrapping it around my fingers...hope you got started! do you mind sending me the link to that pretty mermaid! I think keira would just love it...with red hair of course!



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