Wednesday, September 22, 2010

One per month challenge - August

Hello there!  Let's just pretend it hasn't been a whole month since my last blog post shall we?  Lest's just pretend for a moment, that it's still August. 
OK, you with me?  Good, so here goes.

The book I've chosen for the One per Month Challenge this month is Lucinda Guy's Crochet Designs for Kids.  I cannot rave about this book enough, I looooove loooooove loooooove this book. 
I'd like to make every project in this book. 
BUT this is just not going to happen, as I've already got umpteen different projects of the hooky, sewy, quilty kind on the go at the moment. 
To help me narrow it down to just one project I asked Miss A what she would like me to make her for her birthday this month. 
She chose the Dolores Dress - lovely! 

I've been thinking for a while about ordering some Bendigo Wool
I've read some lovely things about this yarn and the prices are very competitive plus they have a great range of colours available.

So about a week into August I ordered some lovely Luxury 4 ply baby wool from Bendigo.  After about a week and a half (part of the reason this project was never going to be finished in August) a package  containing 5 gorgeous skeins of the softest most squishy wool arrived on my doorstep.

As soon as the littlies were sound asleep that night I got hooking.

Now.  Fast forward a month to last night.
To say this project has been slow going would have to be the understatement of the century.
This is the first project I have made using 4 ply fingering/baby weight yarn and a 2.5mm hook.
S. L. O. W. I tell you. 
Not to mention that after happily crocheting along for the past month, last night I frogged a good 15 rows due to a stitch count revealing I lost a stitch somewhere...............................
Needless to say this project was not finished in the month of August, and wont be finished anytime soon.
Patience my dear friends, patience.

If it wasn't for the fact this project was a birthday request by Miss A
and if it wasn't for the fact I had all the wool sitting waiting to be used
and if it wasn't for the fact I really, really love this dress and can't wait to see it on Miss A
I'd be quite tempted to frog the lot and move on.

To break the tedium of sewing a gazillion rows of single crochet and double crochet I have been doing a spot of sewing from time to time.

A couple of weeks back I finally whipped up a pair of these cute little pants for Miss B, using the 'Elasticated pants' pattern from one of my favourite craft books, Making Children's Clothes by Emma Hardy.

I've been on a real "use what's in your stash" kick of late so I used some nice dark denim, some cutesy candy print fabric (as chosen by Miss B) and some light blue bias binding I had stashed in my sewing room. 

Miss B has become a massive fan of purple over the last few months, dressing head to toe in purple at every opportunity. 
While purple is a lovely colour and tracksuit pants are great kids wear, sometimes it's nice to have them wearing something just that little bit nicer you know?

Quick, simple, easy to follow pattern.
What more could you want?

I've got another pair cut out and ready to sew up for Miss A sitting on the sewing table.

Come on school holidays, I say.  Only two days of school left this term. 
Not that I'm going to have too much time up my sleeve with all the galavanting we have planned.

Another little something I churned out a couple of days ago was the tiny happy shoulder bag.

I've had this on my list of "favourite free tutorials to try" (see over on the right side bar there) for ages now.

When I found out that one of the teacher's from Miss B's Occasional Care centre was leaving I knew this would be just perfect. 
Teresa has always admired the handmade items Miss B and I wear so I wanted to give her something handmade.

I used some Ikea fabric and pink pinwhale cord I had in my stash.  I really like how it turned out, momentarily considering keeping it for myself!

Does this happen to you when you make something to give away?

I think I consider keeping most things I make for gifts!

The only thing I did differently to the tutorial was to tie the straps together at the top instead of hand stitching them and this was predominantly because I had left it to the last minute - literally - and had to leave home to pick Miss B up from occasional care!
Looks cute like that though I think.

Although there have been a number of other stitchy, quilty, hooky projects being completed over the last few weeks which I would dearly love to share with you bath time is calling and this post is well and truly long enough already so they can wait until next time.

And no I haven't forgotten I promised a 100th post giveaway and tutorial, it's in the pipeline, I promise!


  1. Oh I have that crochet book and the dolores dress is just beautiful. Pity that I cant crochet very well though. I love the colors your using too and it will be well worth the effort once you have finished. The little pants and bag look wonderful too, you are one very talented lady!

  2. The pants and the bag look fabulous but that dress...oh how I love the look of that dress. I am most excited to see it progress. I might just have to track down that book too.

  3. That crochet book looks really fun! I can even order it here in Germany ... however I can not "look inside it" ... so I am not too sure ...
    Could you maybe tell me what the other projects are like? Are they all as elaborative as the dress! It definitely is VERY cute - but I think I would not have the patience and time to make something like that. At leat not know.
    And what age range are the clothes for?

    And thanks also for posting about the tiny happy shoulder bag! This looks exactly like something I need!!! And free! Awesome!
    I will be back on your blog ... :-)

  4. So nice to see you are back Fran, and you have been busy! I am loving the denim jeans, gorgeous!! And that bag is beautiful, what a lucky teacher!


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