Wednesday, May 16, 2012

a little bit of bright

I went off the radar for a bit there didn't I. 

I love blogging, both reading others and writing my own, but as with everything and everyone, I need to prioritise my time and blogging gets the last look in.  That doesn't mean I've been idle though, not by a long shot!

Yesterday I gifted this crochet table runner to a lovely friend of mine, who took up crocheting about two years ago after seeing some of my work and she has never looked back. 
She used to call me her crocheting guru - well she has totally surpassed my ability and output and is now my guru!

I started the flower granny squares back in September 2009
I originally intended to make a whole blanket out of little granny squares, with the flower squares interspersed among them.  After producing about 100 little granny squares I lost interest and was defeated by the enormity of it all. 

I used some of the flower squares last year in a pillow cover I made.

Then last winter I made myself a crochet table runner based on a hexagonal flower block. 
My crocheting guru admired it when she was visiting not long after.

When she moved recently I knew exactly what to give her as a housewarming gift.

I dug deep into the vast depths of my UFO stash and found the remaining flower squares, and then just went from there.

 Based on the number of flower squares I had, I decided on the lay out.  Once I had joined them all together I knew I needed to finish it off with a border. 
I flicked through all my crochet books and browsed the Internet but couldn't find what I was looking for. 
I had a vision of a border with triangular points all around as opposed to a rounded, fan or shell shape border.

Then, during the Easter school holidays, we drove up to Brisbane. 
We always stop at Bulahdelah for a cuppa at a quirky little cafe that also sells preloved goods and clothes. 
Amongst all the goodies I found gold.

I actually didn't buy the book when I first saw it for some reason, but I couldn't stop thinking about it the whole time we were in Brisbane.

  So on the way back home we stopped in Bulahdelah again and this time I did not hesitate to buy this sweet book for the princely sum of $6!

I love how the table runner has turned out and couldn't resist trying it out on my hall sideboard to snap a few photo's.

It may have taken afew years, but I've now used all the flower granny squares I originally crocheted. 
As for the plain granny squares, well thats a whole other story. 
Now that the cold weather is truly upon us I will drag it all out again to continue on with this epic and take afew photos of how this project has changed and evolved.

Until next time.......



  1. That is cute and bright. It matches the artwork on the wall above...great choice. And I love the flower squares.

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