Monday, August 3, 2009

Arabelle the mermaid

Well I've been burning the midnight oil with this one - and Miss A has been getting up extra early every morning this week to check my progress (little darling that she is!). Finished it last night at 12.30am only to be told this morning her hair was too floppy (??), she had a nose like a pig and her bra was too small - #$%&*. Next time I won't be telling her I'm making her something, I'll just give it to her when it's done.

I purchased the pattern for this amigurumi mermaid on-line from here.

I think she's cute anyway!


  1. They are very critical aren't they. Love the new banner too

  2. Don't you hate that. She's a winner in my books. And at least your mermaid got a bra. The one I made has been running, er, swimming around topless for the last year.

  3. I love mermaids and I think she is adorable!

  4. She is fantastic Fran. Your girls are very lucky!


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