Wednesday, August 19, 2009

my week $$$$o far

Monday's purchases from here and here

Wednesday's from here

$100 doesn't go far these days.... no wonder the bread winner of the family had a 'moment' (or two) when I got home. On the up side I had a lovely day on my own checking out all the stalls.
I met and chatted with Nicole from you sew, girl! (who I also gamely bought a pattern and some bits and pieces from her), Nanette from rummage who does the most amazing free motion sewing/writing (she happily shared tips with me) and I paid a visit to Claire from CraftSchmaft (a craftroom girl) - those little owlettes are adorable, well all her sock softies are adorable really!
I also got talking to the very lovely Cathy from audreyandmaude (loved their sausage dog with puppies) when I went to check out Belinda's (tuttifrutti) stall. I was very disappointed to learn Belinda will only be at the show from Thursday to Saturday - I just know her display will be beautiful. I bought the cute Japanese fabric from Michele of harper & edie , she had a great stall - very different from everything else at the show.
The red fat quarters came from a pack from HobbySew - I have grand intentions of making a red, grey and white quilt..........
Now the lace was a surprise purchase for me, not something I usually work with but it really caught my eye! I got it from the Starr Laces and Ribbons stall and they had some beautifully dyed lace trims sewn to simple white kids singlets that looked fabulous - so another project for the girl's summer wardrobe.....
What I really need now is to actually get stuck into some of these projects I have accumulating!

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  1. so lovely to meet you too! Good luck with everything.


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