Friday, March 19, 2010

What the????

Cass kindly alerted me to the fact the comments were off for my last post - huh???? Don't know how that happened but it's all fixed up now so feel free to have a squizz and leave a comment if you feel so inclined.

Today's post is about the below top, which I made a little while ago when Sydney was going through a horrible, hot and humid patch back in February. 

Inspired by Sophie's desperation sewing I whipped up this summery top, only for the weather to turn! 
Yesterday was the first opportunity I've had since making it to actually wear it. 

It's Simplicity 4589 which I purchased as a download from here.  I made it with some broderie anglais a sewing friend gifted to me.  The armholes are a little gape-y, I made a size 10 but always find the size guidelines on patterns sooooo misleading (I measure more like a size 12 apparently). 

Anyway it makes a lovely and cool, comfortable top.  

I took these pictures yesterday in a near-by park using the timer on my camera (I was alone) - afew people were staring!!

close up of the broderie anglais (love)

Not the shot I envisaged but I love it anyway..............

In different news, today I finally went to see the Olafur Eliasson exhibition on at the MCA.

Wow - what a fantastic experience. 

Go and see it if you can, my sister and I enjoyed it just as much as Miss B did.  In  fact I'm considering going again one weekend so I can take Miss A along to experience.

Thanks so much Suzy for putting me on to this.  Today we found the staff to be very child friendly!!

We loved the Inverted Berline Sphere exhibited in the foyer

and even though we were advised No Photography I couldn't resist snapping this picture of Miss B discussing the art works with my sister - seeing my three year old really enjoying and being immersed in the art gave me a real buzz.

Happy weekend to you and if you live in Sydney, you might just take a trip into Circular Quay for a look-see.................


  1. Great top Fran. I can comment yay

  2. I was wondering what happened to the comment section - I felt too silly to say anything in case it was right in front of me and I couldn't see it!!!

    I just love your top - how hot is this weather right now, looks perfect!! AND the quilt is beautiful!

  3. Maybe they were staring and admiring your lovely new top !

  4. Your top is lovely, aren't you clever? And great to see you out & about checking out art with your daughter. Kids love to create & be around colour & imagination, you just can't give them enough of this sort of thing! xo

  5. Lovely top and well done for getting all your photos taken despite the curious onlookers!


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