Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pink and proud!

I've been sporadically working away on this quilt, started back here, inspired by the squares I made for the 65 Roses Quilt Project.  I finally finished it last night and am really pleased with it. 

Yes it's decidedly pink and girly but I like pink and I'm a girl so I guess thats ok!  Pink and green is one of my fave colour combo's too.

The finished quilt measures 1.2m x 1.2m (48" square).  I haven't washed it yet to see how much it will shrink up, I'll keep you posted.

edited to add: after machine washing and drying in the tumble dryer the quilt now measures around 46" square, that's some shrinkage!  But it looks and feels sooo soft and cuddly I'm almost wishing for the cold weather...........almost!

I machine quilted it, on the diagonal for the centre squares and a squared off spiral around the sashing and border.  I love how the quilting pops out on the solid.

I love the pieced backing. 

Most of the fabrics where from my stash collected over the past couple of years. 

I picked up the clematis fabric ages ago at Spotlight.  It was on sale for something like $3/m so I bought afew metres of it.  Clematis is one of my most favourite flowers. 

I bought the solid pink especially for this quilt though - a dusky rose - love that colour.

The binding is store bought bias binding which I hand stitched for a nice neat finish.  I started sewing the binding on at the last Inner West CraftRoom meet up, but with all the chatting, laughing and eating going on not a whole lot of stitching got done! 

Makes a great throw sized quilt - good for snuggling under when the weather cools down,

or having a snooze on!

A whole lot more crafting has been going on in the little sweetpeas sewing room..............
more to come soon.

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