Friday, June 11, 2010

My creative space........

This week I made a vest for Miss B. 
I completely love it. 
It fits Miss B perfectly, not just size wise but fits her personality too, you know?

The pattern?  A project sheet I picked up a little while ago in Spotlight, called Chevron children's hooded vest.  I found it a very easy and enjoyable project!

The yarn?  I used a Lincraft branded yarn called Prism.  It is a 70% wool 30% soy bean composition.  I bought it before I even knew what I was going to make with it because Miss B fell in love with it in the shop, the rainbow of colours caught her eye and she just had to have it!


I really liked working with this yarn and it has worked up into a nice thick, weighty vest, but it is still soft and supple - just perfect for those very chilly walks up to school each morning.

I added a couple of pockets to the front, just working one repeat of the chevron pattern for six rows and whip stitching around three sides to make a pocket for all the little bits and pieces which are collected and carried around each day.

I also added two little cat buttons Miss B selected awhile ago in a quilting shop. 
Miss B absolutley adores cats and I've had these buttons stashed away, just waiting for the right project to use them in. 
Although the pattern didn't call for closures I wanted to be able to do the vest up for abit of extra warmth.  And besides I hate the look of clothes half hanging of my kids as they run around playing.

It's big enough that she should get a couple of season's wear out of it, so I've got one very happy little sweetpea on my hands at the moment, which makes me happy :D

Now on to the next project, Kirsty's absolutely to die for Granny Shrug.  And thanks to Kirsty for hosting my creative space...each week.


  1. Oh it is so beautiful and brightly colored, how lovely for winter! I think it is the same pattern that my daughter admired when we last popped into Spotlight. Unfortunately her grandmother and I are not very good at crochet skills!

  2. It looks great on her, lucky Miss B!

  3. This is so cute! And such a sweet model :-)

  4. It's so pretty Fran, I love it~

  5. This is so lovely, Fran. And she looks very happy with it too!!


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