Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Stash buster

Being the typically bad blogger that I am, I don't have any pictures of the swap goodies I recieved on the weekend in the Craftroom/Snailblazer great swap-o-rama to show you as promised. 

Not because I didn't take any photo's, I took quite afew late this afternoon. 
All the pictures have a lovely orange hue due to the setting sun; too much to be corrected by clicking on the nice little auto correct button in the photo editing program I use! 

Also in typical me style, I failed to charge the camera battery, so it promptly expired mid photo shoot anyway.................. 

All I've got to show you today is a Poochie Bag I made quite awhile back, the only salvagable photo out of the lot of them. 
It had been on my list of "favourite free tutorials to try" for quite some time. 
I used some Valorie Wells Del Hi fabric I bought ages ago as a fat quarter pack.  When it arrived I didn't know quite what to do with it but rather than leave it languishing in the fabric stash I whipped up this cute little tote. 
I love the shape and construction of the bag but find it a little too small to be really useful. 
Next time round I'll add a couple of inches to it.

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