Monday, October 17, 2011

A day in the sun

Today Miss A's school had a Pupil Free Day, so Mr D organised the day off work and we had a family day out.

First port of call, Harry's Cafe de Wheels for lunch - a first for my girls!  Miss B l.o.v.e.d. her sausage roll.  In fact when asked at the end of the day what her very favourite part of the day was she hugged me and said, "my sausage roll".  Simple pleasures indeed!

We then drove down to Nielsen Park at Vaucluse.  What a beautiful little part of Sydney.
And today it was perfect. 
Sunny, warm and a weekday, so not many people around. 
Don't kids just love the most simple things.  Give them some water and some sand and you could just spend a whole day having fun.

Unfortunately we didn't have a whole day, just a couple of hours, so after an ice-cream each it was off home again.

Oh, and I found my new house!
The Gardener's Cottage at Nielsen Park. 
Even as a child I dreamed of living somewhere like this.

Picturesque isn't it?!

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