Tuesday, October 11, 2011

boy sewing................

is not something I've had much opportunity to have a go at. 

But recently a cousin of mine gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, so I jumped at the chance to make something hand made for him. 

Ive been crushing on the tie shirt tutorial posted by Emily over at Saltwater Kids ever since I first came across it so knew straight away I'd be making a tie shirt onesie for the little fella.  I decided to pair this with a matching pair of shorts. 

I used the baby bloomers pattern from the book making children's clothes by Emma Hardy.  The idea was to use the same patterned fabric for the tie and the cuffs around the bottom edge of the pants. 

As usual though I managed to stuff it up and attached the cuffs to the top edge of the pant pieces. 
As I'd lopped 2 inches off the main pants pieces I couldn't just unpick and re-sew though.  And as I have been trying to use only fabric in my stash for projects this year I had squeezed the pant pieces out of a very small piece of blue cotton I had left over from this dress so cutting the pants again wasn't an option.

After much cursing and chastising of oneself, I decided the contrast as a waistband was a fabulous idea and that adding a couple of matching knee pads was only fitting as the little man will surely be crawling by the time he fits into this spiffy little number!

I have to say I am very happy with the end result, and if the need to make another little boy outfit should ever arise again I will do it just the same :)

I'm also happy to say my cousin seemed genuinely delighted with this little piece of hand made and I thouroughly enjoyed an afternoon of snuggling and cuddling the latest addition of my extended family. 

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