Tuesday, December 6, 2011

a long winded tale or a Christmas gift - whichever you're interested in

I've been mulling over ideas for a while now about what to give to Miss A's first grade teacher as an end of year gift. 
This teacher is an absolute gem, I wish my girls could both have her, every year of school!  She is fun, thoughtful and an excellent teacher. 

I had found out awhile ago that she loved elephants so I went out yesterday and bought her a lovely little elephant statue (no photo, sorry) and a nice little box to put it in.  But I really feel that handmade is my chance to show people how much I appreciate them, so I wanted to make something for her also.

One idea I had for simple handmade gifts this Christmas was based on a calico shopping tote that came with a magazine I purchased some time back.  Its such a simple design, but everything about it makes it the perfect shopping bag (except the magazines name stencilled across the front of it!).  Lightweight, easy to roll up and stuff into your handbag, and best of all - the perfect length handles (straps??) for carrying on your shoulder.
I've got metres of calico stashed away in my cupboard from one of my "kooky projects" as my husband likes to call them, making a lounge cover, about a decade ago.  No I didn't make a lounge cover out of calico, just a muslin.  Is it still a muslin if its not a garment to be worn............?  Anyway I digress.

As soon as Miss A saw the elephant after school yesterday she decided that today was the day she H.A.D. to give her teacher the present.  I toyed with the idea of making the bag after the kids were in bed last night, but after an hour and a half of fidling with fabric I realised it just wasn't going to happen.  I told her this morning I would make the bag today after I'd dropped her off at school. 

So we get up to school and I am reminded that this morning is the end of year School Mass.  Hmmmmmmmm, I better hang around I think. 
Just as well too, because after mass the principal handed out a bunch of awards including Best in Class to each grade and who should get the award for Miss A's class!  It was a very proud moment :))) 
Then the principal announces there is a morning tea being held after mass for all the parents who have helped out through the year with things like the Daily Reading Program, school excursions, sports/swimming carnival and tuckshop duty - yep, tick ALL those boxes, might as well hang around abit longer and get a free cup of tea!

So, finally get back home three hours later, have lunch, do violin practice with Miss B and find I have exactly two hours to make this bag.
After a bit more fidling with fabric followed by some hardcore sewing, I was very pleased with how the bag turned out.  

I couldn't leave the house without snapping a quick couple of photos, then I managed to get back up to school with said gift only 10 minutes after the final bell had rung. 

Miss A was happy, her teacher was happy and I am happy.

Definately think I'll be whipping afew more of these up before Christmas rolls around! 

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