Wednesday, November 30, 2011

bring a plate

Its that time of year, when we all like to get together to celebrate the year that was and have a little last horrah! before we move on to next year and whatever exciting things it will bring.

Inevitably for some of those shindigs a 'plate' of something is called for.  I usually go the baking route. You know, some gingerbread, a slice, cupcakes etc.  This time round I decided to keep it simple.  Also I wanted some 'real' food as the party coincides with dinner time.  So Miss B and I prepared these plates for her Pre-school concert/Chistmas party this evening.
a mixed variety here -
cheese and cabanossi, cucumber and cabanossi, black olive and cabanossi and cucumber and cheese

Basil, feta and cherry tomato - very Christmassy!

Don't they look purty!!!
I'm feeling hungry already.............

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  1. We used to take a plate exactly like that to our school socials! Back then it was a bit strange as most mothers baked! Your photos are a nice reminder :-)


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