Saturday, January 28, 2012

I do love a good jumpsuit

I've seen some really cute ones around this season.  I thought to myself it couldn't be that hard to make one.  I asked Aimee if she wanted one, "no thanks" came her response, quick as a flash.  I asked Betty if she wanted one, there was a moment of silence.  "You can choose the fabric" I said.  "OK then" she said. 

I do love the fabric she chose.  My sister gave it to me a couple of Christmases ago.  It was a three way present.  Fabric for me to sew (she knows how much I love to sew) some clothes for Aimee and Betty.  It feels like voile, soft as butter, mmmmmm, but I'm only guessing. 

Anyhow, so I wanted to make a jumpsuit. 
I could see in my minds-eye exactly how I wanted it to be.
So what I did is use a basic pants pattern for the bottom half and for the top I took some measurements of Beths torso.  I cut two rectangles using these measurements, trimmed abit off the top corners to allow for arm holes.  I made facings for the armholes, then turned down the top edge front and back to make a channel for some grosgrain ribbon I had in my stash. 

This makes the shoulder straps - abit like the pillow case dresses you see all over blogland. 

I then turned the top inside out and slipped it inside the pants so right sides were facing and sewed these two pieces together.  I then sewed another piece of matching grosgrain ribbon to the right side of the waistline over the seam, not only for decorative purposes but also to make a channel to run some elastic through to cinch in the waist. 

I added some elastic around the ankles of the pants too. 

If I were to make another one, I'd add a couple of inches to each side of the garment to give it a bit more of a billowy, casual look.  This one is quite fitted and although Beth has room to move and jump around with ease it won't fit her for long.

After I made this one, I decided to have a look around on the internet for a pattern or tutorial and come across afew beauties

What else is a jumpsuit good for if not jumping?!

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  1. Fab Fran! I'm so glad she let you make it for her and I adore the name Betty - it's one of my faves!


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