Sunday, April 22, 2012


 Today is the last day of the school holidays. 
There has been much going on around here. 
Some great sewing, some not so great sewing, outings, chilling out, a week away, with some crocheting thrown in. 

All of which I will get around to sharing with you, my dear readers. 
All of which I'm sure would be of more interest to you, but today there is only one thing consuming my little families thoughts. 

The loss of our dear, dear budgie Alex. 
He escaped while we were away, I won't go into the how and why.

He was the sweetest, most clever bird. 
He mimicked our whistles and chirped away when we talked to him. 
He was such a social bird and would jump over and cling to the side of the cage whenever we walked passed, just to interact. 

We let him out of his cage inside the house regularly so he could stretch his wings and get some excercise, but he would more often then not just sit on our shoulder. 
He "talked" loudly and happily in our ear and just loved us.  And we loved him.  

We bought Alex back in October 09.

He was Aimee's special bird. 
The loss has affected her deeply. 
And Bethany too. 
I didn't know children their age could have such emotional depth and feel loss so swiftly and acutely.

Time will heal us.  It seems so silly to be so upset over such a small creature, but there you have it.

Aimee was so hurt; so wanting to fill the gap left by Alex that she blurted out she wanted another bird so Pelly (Bethany's bird) wouldn't be lonely. 
So we have brought a new budgie into our family.  
I  think Aimee couldn't bear the thought of replacing Alex, so she has named this bird Alex2.


Good-bye dear Alex

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  1. Poor girls - I feel for you all Fran, pets are part of the family. I hope Alex 2 settles in well.


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