Tuesday, April 3, 2012

new vintage style and purple heels

Look at my new shoes!
Aren't they just perfect.

Here's a close up of the adorable bow and suede-y goodness.....

My toes are hurting just looking at the photo, but oh how I love them!

I went shoe shopping yesterday.  Not something I do often. 
But I was looking for something to go with a little frock I've been working on for the last week. 
A vintage pattern, Simplicity 5017 to be exact. 
Some of you may remember this pattern from awhile back, when I was trying to decide what to make to wear to my SIL wedding.

Well I've finally gotten around to making what you all favoured at the time.

What pushed me along was the Julia Bobbin: Mad Men Dress Challenge
I discovered Julia's delightful blog only a little over a week ago. 
I was so inspired by this challenge I set to making my Betty Draper inspired frock right away. 
I knew I was pushing it to have it ready by the deadline of 30th March, but just had to give it a go anyway! 
Alas, life and previous commitments got in the way and I missed the deadline, but I entered this dress as my Joanie inspired dress anyway. 
So many lovely ladies entered wonderful garments, do click over and have a look.


I'm so close to finishing my dress, I hand-picked the zipper last night, yep that's right - I sewed in the zipper BY HAND!

All I have to do now is the hem and I'm done with this baby. 
I'm wearing it out to Easter lunch on Sunday so it has to be finished by then.

Anyway back to the shoes. 
I went out with the hopes of buying some pink or green shoes to go with my frock (just picture a full skirted dress in the above fabric with some lovely hot pink heels.......) but found the colours this season are red, electric blue and purple! 
Well there are flowers in a lovely shade of mauve in the fabric and when I saw those lovely purple heels with the sweet bow I just knew they were the ones!  And even better they were on sale.  It was meant to be I think.

I also did a little bit of naughty, unecessary but oh so fun shopping for a dinner I'm going to tonight. 
I just couldn't wait to wear my new shoes so bought a cute little blouse and a pencil skirt to go with them.

I'll leave you with afew pictures of my new 'vintage inspired' outfit!

In case you're wondering why the colours look different in each photo, it's because of course the sun went behind a cloud when I was ready to take the photo's so they came out a little dark. 
I spent a little time playing around with my photo editing program to improve the pictures. 

What fun. 

I love how they turned out :)))


  1. You look fantastic Fran! Love the whole outfit & can't wait to see the dress. I need an excuse to dress up. You've reminded me of how much fun it is!

  2. Gorgeous pics Fran! Love love love that outfit and can't wait to see your new dress.


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