Monday, June 29, 2009

Introducing the Versatile Shopper....

Hooray! I've finished one of the projects I had on the go.

The idea for this bag came from the ever increasing number of shops cutting back on plastic shopping bags (yay for the environment). But I've been less excited about the ugly shopping bags you can get from your supermarket etc. so decided to have a go at making one myself using some Amy Butler Mid West Modern fabric - so now I can shop while looking fabulous and doing my bit for the environment!

Never one to do things by halves this is my first ever go at sewing a zipper (no straight and simple zips for me). After a little bit of fluffing about and a little bit of cursing it came to me and I am very pleased with my first effort!

The zippered pouch which the bag folds up into when not in use, forms a nifty little pocket on the front when the bag is open.

The bag is nice and light weight - perfect for carrying around in your handbag just waiting for those emergency/must have/impulse purchases. All the seams are reinforced to carry the heaviest of loads.

This will be going straight into my handbag!

I would love to hear what you think, let me know wont you?


  1. I think it's FABULOUS! You need to make them and sell them! Or least make one for every female you know for xmas!

  2. This is great work Fran, the fabrics look so pretty, and good for the environment to boot. It was lovely chatting to you at craftroom. If you were selling them I'd definately buy one.

  3. Well done Fran. I made one of these last year that folded into a pocket but there is no way I coudl have done the one with the zip. Well done, I'd buy one too!

  4. What a great bag... such a pretty (and practical) alternative to all those boring shopping bags!

  5. That's fantastic!

    Good on you for working the zip out, it looks very tricky :)


  6. I'm impressed. First!

  7. I's also impressed - I still cant do a zipper without getting a hot flush before hand well done! I love the size of it - would you be able to share the measurements?


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