Tuesday, June 9, 2009

and deeper I go...

You may remember I posted a little while ago about ordering some fabric online. Well it arrived rather unexpectedly on Saturday morning - hurray!!
l - r: Del Hi by Valori Wells - mediterranean FQs, Wildwood by Erin McMorris - lime FQs, Midwest Modern Fuchsia by Amy Butler FQs
l - r: petite Granville blue, Ohinasama Princess pink, spotted owl natural, all by Alexander Henry
Socialite dress pattern by Anna-Maria Horner
It was all I could do to contain myself while I was helping him with some work around the house (putting up picture rails no less!).

As soon as I had the chance I rushed into my newly set up sewing room, also accomplished on Saturday (no more sewing on the kitchen table) to open my package. Unfortunately my photo's do not do the fabrics justice.

What a delight - both the gorgeous selection of fabrics and the sewing room.

Then to top things off I spent the best part of Monday trawling the fabric shops on John St, Cabramatta.

WHAT an experience. The choice of fabric was h u g e.

Of the five shops I went into each seemed to have a different speciality, from bridal/formal to manchester to stretch. In each shop the service was attentive, knowledgeable, patient and friendly. When your only previous fabric shopping experiences extend to Spotlight this was certainly an eye opener! This was followed by a scrumptious Vietnamese lunch.

Alas I was enjoying myself so much I forgot to take any photo's.

I came away with a number of purchases which you can see in the photo above sitting in front of the sewing machine, which I have vowed to myself and him, will be my last until I have actually made something with all the fabric that is slowly taking over.

So keep checking back for hopefully some fabulous sewn creations in the not too distant future... this bug has bitten hard.


  1. SO jealous! I have been banned from buying more fabrics, damn those joint credit cards where every purchase can be traced!! I am looking forward to seeing what you make!

  2. Can't wait to hear what you think of the socialite dress. I've seen a few made up, I really like the neckline. The length has come up a bit short for my liking. It seems to hit right about the knee, from what I've seen I will probably add a couple of inches.

  3. Oh Lordy! You too! I have just been by One Flew Over and couldn't believe her new stash. Am supremely jealous of you both.

    BTW, thanks for your comment - I though I was the ONLY one who came over all wobbly lip over hand-me-downs!


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