Monday, June 15, 2009

my inspired weekend...

So the kids are sick, it was a rainy, cold, drab kind of day and 'dad' is at work; there was a gravitational pull coming from the new sewing room!

I made this

and these

and as I sewed this floated round my head....

Ode to the Sewing Table

I think about it all day long
If I'm honest all night too.
I have no where to set it up
Whatever will I do.

And then one day my dad in-law says
"Here - you can have this"
I jumped for joy, said to myself
"At last I've got my wish!"

We bring it home, we set it up
It's perfect, fits just right.
A table for my sewing things
Oh, what sheer delight!

He says "now that you have your table,
Are you happy dear?"
I have no words just one big grin
Stretched from ear to ear.


  1. See, now that's a pin cushion! I tried a slightly different one over the weekend...

  2. Great Fran. I have to tell you I have wanted to comment on a number of your posts but I can't seem to do it from my work computer. Just wanted to let you know I am reading!

  3. Hooray! The sewing looks lovely and to have a permanent space to do it must be lovely. The mosaic table that you've photographed the pin cushion on is gorgeous, the colours all look beautiful together.


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