Thursday, May 27, 2010

Alive and kicking

Just stopping buy to assure you I haven't drop of the face of the blogosphere! 

Plenty of creating has been going on in these here parts, but as the weather has been absolutely abysmal here in Sydney no photo's have been taken of said created objects.

I managed to complete another month of the One per Month challenge.  This time tying it in nicely with The Great Apron Swap 2010 which I am participating in.  I used the Short Pleated Apron pattern from Amy Butler's In Stitches.   As per usual I added and adapted, but found the pattern very easy and accurate!!

Here's hoping for at least alittle sunshine tomorrow so I can get some photo's posted, of the apron and some other crafty goodness - finger's crossed xx


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  2. Hej Fran

    Really looking forward to receiving my apron
    :-D soo excited my first swop! I am just finishing yours ready to post out to you on Monday. I do hope you like it...
    Love Julie x

  3. OOh just read your bit about posting photo's ... erm I had better not look then :P
    Just posted about you and the swop on my blog
    here is the link
    Have a great weekend.
    Will post your's out Monday
    Julie x


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