Thursday, May 6, 2010

My Creative Space......

is all about Mother's Day at the moment.  As per my usual modus operandi (read: leave everything until the last minute), I gave Mother's Day nary a thought until yesterday morning.  As I was a very bad daughter in law last month and failed to give my mother in law anything for her birthday (tut tut I hear you say) I thought I best make up for it big time this Mother's Day.
While flicking through the latest issue of Better Homes and Gardens (have you seen the crochet blanket and pillows on the cover!!!!!) I came across a section about Mother's Day gifts to make, including bath salts and scented bath balls (see jars above).  The recipes were simple enough for Misses A & B to get involved with and they turned out really well.  I still have to add a pretty bow with a 'directions for use' tag to each jar, but all in all simple, quick and pretty.

The gem flower pot is a fantastic idea I stumbled upon last night via The Crafty Crow while I was looking for a quick and easy Mother's Day craft to share with the kids at Playgroup today.  Again, this is a simple, quick little craft activity which Miss A and Miss B eagerly helped me with, with spectacular results!!  Tomorrow I will pot up afew of my MIL's favourites, some Zinnia's, to finish it off. 
Come Mother's Day she'll be stoked I reckon.

And I am hoping to whip up a couple of these Poochie Bags before Sunday too.  Anyone would think I enjoy stress and tight deadlines............................

Also in my creative space, this morning I guided fifteen children aged four and under through the joys of creating handmade pressies for mum.  Patty pan flowers and 'patchwork' lovehearts were the order of the day!  Miss B did an absolutely fantastic job on her's and Miss A got in on the action after school. 

And guess who will be reading at the Mother's Day mass at school tomorrow?????  She sure is doing a good job of making her mother proud !! 

To see what other's have been getting up to in their creative spaces this week, head on over to the ever inspiring Kootoyoo


  1. You are one step ahead of me - my mother is getting zip on Sunday - well she will - but she will just have to wit (and she can not say anything - becuase I get it all from her:) I know what I am doing - and she will be down visiting in a few weeks and I will get it to her then.

  2. Such a lovely post i remember making stuff for my mum for mothers day I use to love it when she would use what ever I made the best thing i remember was a leather key ring that I made her she had it for years

  3. i had to smile at the bad daugher in law comment as I was having this conversation with my partner last night, as I am the one that gets ALL the family presents. if it was up to him, there wouldn't be any presents :)
    what a great thing to do with the 4 yr olds, great idea.
    hope you have a wonderful weekend Fran

  4. I'm sure she'll love your prezzies, they look great. My plan was to crochet up a scarf or something for my Mum tonight and tomorrow and post it on Monday. Now I've seen that gorgeous grey scarf you made i'm off to check out that pattern and robably start on it as soon as the girls are in bed.


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