Monday, November 1, 2010

One per Month - October

Time flies and it's that time again.

My craft book for October was "patchwork style" by Suzuko Koseki. 
I got this book about a year and half ago, and although I love alot of the projects in the book, the instructions just seemed too complicated to tackle.

  Until now that is!  I've been wanting to update the cushion covers in my loungeroom for awhile now, so trawled through my craft book library for some inspiration. 
Of all the pillows in all the books I have, this style jumped out at me most. 
So I decided to bite the bullet and give the unique Koseki method a go.
So whats the deal?  How is this different to other quilting projects?  Well, rather then sewing all your strips together first and then sandwiching them with batting and backing fabric to quilt, you attach and quilt each strip directly to the batting as you go. 
Once I got going I loved it - and best of all it was easy peasy!

I used fabric from Valerie Wells Del Hi range, which I bought eons ago and then when it arrived I didn't quite know what to do with it.  But it was perfect for this project as I wanted something that was bright and bold and would give my loungeroom a lift.

For the backs I used some Ikea fabric in my stash, which also had a flora theme, and again fabric which was bought on a whim.  Only a smallish piece from the bargain bin - too small to do much with - but perfect for this project.

I am really loving this "de-stashing" business.  It's great to go through what you have and actually use some of it.  I just hope the dollar is still so good when it comes time to replenish......... 


  1. I was about to ask the name of that gorgeous fabric. The pink and red combination combined with the quilting is just stunning.

  2. Wow Fran, these are just gorgeous! the quilting detail on them looks amazing. How lovely to have them to snuggle into on your lounge.

  3. Gorgeous! I love the thought that it is all from the stash too.
    Thanks so much for the stunning scarfette. I've been wearing it and receiving compliments non stop since it arrived. I adore it and feel so very special. I thanked you on my blog too.
    I hope you are having a great day.
    Love Kate X
    (Foxs Lane)

  4. Hello my friend Fran
    The beautiful scarflette arrived the day before yesterday. THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!
    And the crochet brooch is wonderful too, you are so spoiling me. THANK YOU AGAIN!
    You are v.clever. I wish I could sew as expertly as you. I have signed up to a pillow swap with the blog Dutch Sisters...I am soo nervous to make a cushion slip cover, my partner is in this space, to see how it turns out or not...I may be emailing you for H-E-L-P. If you don't know the Dutch Sisters BLOG, have a look, I know you will really like it ;-).
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    It's snowing here...YAY! Happy Boys!
    Sunday I am off to London again...
    Keep in Touch
    THANK YOU you're soo kind

  5. thanks for coming by my blog - the city thing is weird isn't it. I totally hadn't thought about it being a generational thing - I wonder if it is? That makes me even more of a nana I suspect if it is! Oh the cushions are wonderful and it looks like you have so many great projects and links here - oh and allergy friendly recipes - arg - there goes an hour of my life sometime soon as I inhale your blog!


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