Tuesday, May 3, 2011

do you scoubidou too?

If you have a primary school age child you will probably know what I'm talking about!

Just as addictive as any other hand craft..................

After months of begging from Miss A, I finally set about learning how to make "scoobie chains".

I found many, many tutorials on YouTube, each one less helpful than the last. 
Miss A advised me that a girl in her class knew how to do it, so I arranged a visit to her house during the school holidays and sat down with her mum who showed me how to do it!

So the question remains, do you scoobie?


  1. Well it's probably only a matter of time before miss 7 wants me to learn how to scoobie. You had better do a tute on YouTube so I can be ready, looks very cool :)

  2. Ha! We always called it "Boondoggle" growing up!


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