Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Dolores dress - aka August (2010) one per month project

Finally finished.
I have never been so pleased to finish a project. 
Not only because I have kept my sweet daughter Miss A, who so desperately wanted this dress for her 6th birthday, waiting e.i.g.h.t. months for this dress, but also because I am so OVER it.

Having said that, I do love this dress. 
I am so glad I persisted with it, and that I didn't rush it or cut corners or say "that'll do" when certain elements weren't quite right.
Like the neck - which when finished as per the book was quite large (as is the whole dress). 
  So I added two rows of single crochet and one row of picot to match the edging around the sleeves and bottom of the dress. 

I did contemplate doing these rows in pink and red as per the sleeves and skirt but felt it would have made the dress too busy.  I'm glad I stuck with green.

Or the belt which turned out so long it could've wrapped around Miss A's waist twice.  So I frogged about 30cm off the length of it and re-crocheted the red border. 

So, afew details about this project.

Pattern: Dolores dress, Crochet Design for kids - Lucinda Guy
Yarn: 4 ply Luxury in Forest (green), brick (red), baby pink and baby blue - Bendigo Woolen Mills
Time: started August 2010, finished May 2011

I made this dress following the pattern for a size 4-5 (the largest size in the book). 
After taking Miss A's measurements I felt sure the dress would fit her.  But as the months rolled on by I got more and more concerned as to whether it would still fit. 
I needn't have worried though, the dress is actually still too big for Miss A - phew! 
Not only because it still fits, but also because it means that after all that time and effort the dress will see another winter's worth of wearing. 
And that's before it gets handed on down the line to Miss B!

Thankfully Miss A still loves it, and wore it to a birthday party on the weekend!


  1. Love it - great work sticking with it. I'm just finishing off a cardi for Adele that I started at the end of last winter. Thankfully I too made the right size to fit now.

  2. It. Is. BEAUTIFUL.

    And any of my poor children would have had to wait e.i.g.h.t years for it.

  3. Wow! What a big effort. Very cute and looks like it will fit her for a while:)

  4. Wow, it was well worth all that effort Fran. It is just gorgeous. I love it's simplicity and all the lovely small details. the neckline is just perfect!


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