Sunday, May 1, 2011

retrospective - Miss B

April 2006 - 5 days old

April 2007

April 2008

April 2009

April 2010

April 2011

I did this when Miss A turned 5 and really wanted to do it again for Miss B now that she is 5.  As a keepsake for me.  Also it gave me the chance to take some time to look back at how my beautiful girl has grown!

Born unexpectedly 7 weeks early, she weighed just 2.2kg - not a bad size for a premi actually.  There was no stopping her though, the hospital sent her home just two weeks later, much to Dean's and my distress.  Our main thoughts at the time were, "she's not even supposed to be born yet.  Are you sure she's ready to go home?"
She's a real trooper our little Miss B.

Strong, determined, funny, shy, a daydreamer.
Our little one.


  1. You're right, she looks fantastic for a premie in that first photo! And she's grown into such a beautiful girl.
    (I think in the last photo she looks a lot like you).


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