Thursday, June 2, 2011

little vintage style

This last week has been somewhat of a doozy.  We have our fair share of crappy days in this household but I generally avoid blogging about them.  
But this week it's the story behind the pictures, so I decided to share!

On Tuesday this week I had both my girls at home.  Miss A came down with a fever last Friday, which developed into Tonsilitis over the weekend. 
On Monday night, at 11pm to be exact, Miss B woke up covered head to toe in welts, some as big as the palm of my hand, and scratching like mad. 
An obvious allergic reaction to something I knew (thanks to her history of allergies), but what??? 
I gave her anti-histamine but an hour later she was going almost mental with the scratching. 
It was upsetting to watch her because there was nothing I could do to make it better. 
So off to the hospital we trotted. 
Two hours later (by which time the welts had finally resolved thanks to the anti-histamine) the lovely doctor came out to see us and tell us I'd done all the right things and sometimes you just don't know what causes these reactions...............
So, home again, home again, jiggity jig and we got to bed at 2.30am. 

Thankfully we all had a nice sleep in on Tuesday morning. 

Seeing though Miss B and I had had abit of a rough night, and seeing though Miss A was under the weather with Tonsilitis I decided to just go with the flow on Tuesday.  So when the girls requested to dress up in their "olden days dresses" as they call them, I happily obliged.

I've been admiring Ingrid's little vintage style posts over the past few weeks so decided to join in with hart + sew and photograph my girl's in these circa 1970's dresses handed down to me from my mother-in-law.

These dresses are not just saved up for rainy (or in this case sick) days, they do often wear them out. 
Last year when Miss A's school had a mufty day she chose to wear this dress to school.  I can only imagine what some of the other mum's were thinking!

Miss A
The tag on this dress reveals it is a Woolworths brand dress.  All cotton - it feels like flannel, very warm in winter.  It has sweet little pink and purple flowers all over and is trimmed with lace around the collar, waist, sleeves and skirt.  It has a ruffle collar and a panel of smocking around the waistline.
Miss B
This dress is also Woolworths brand and is a cotton/polyester blend.  Definately a summer dress.  The print is little pink and orange flowers.  It has a lovely peter pan collar and lace trim down the front.
Miss B is wearing a vintage cardi, also passed on to my girls by their Nanna.  I do believe this was made by my husbands Aunty on her knitting machine.........

Now please tell me, don't they look sweet?!


  1. Bummer about the rough week - the girls do look adorable though :)

  2. oh, what a rough time! but they look so cute in their dress up clothes - i used to play dress up in old clothes when i was little too! i guess now i dress my girls up, ha :)

  3. Sorry you have had such a bad week, but I am glad you are going in the little vintage style fun!
    I love those dresses, in fact I think I had one similar to Miss A's when I was a child. They look gorgeous.

  4. Lovely dresses and wow that sounds like a stressy week for you and your girls


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