Sunday, June 5, 2011


I was going through my yarn drawer the other day, looking for a quick, easy, satisfying little project to hook up after the mammoth effort that was the Dolores, when I came across 6 balls of scrummy Moda Vera Cupcake yarn in Aqua.

I bought them awhile ago from the sale tub at my local Spotlight for $1 each - bargain, yay! 
I just love LOVE the colour, and the yarn (50% nylon 50% acrylic) is so soft and bungee and squishy. 

I decided this would make a perfect cowl. 
So I jumped on Ravelry and searched for free (I'm cheap like that) cowl patterns. After searching through all the patterns I decided that the Convertible Cowl was exactly what I was after.
Fast forward a couple of days and this is what I've got.

Juuuust not sure if I like it.........
 I was expecting/hoping for something a fair bit more snug around my neck.

It's designed to be worn as a hood if so desired too, which is great, I just don't know if I'd ever wear it like that though?

But I did wear it into town yesterday and it definately kept me warmer than I would've been without it!

So what do you guys think, frog it?


  1. I really like it!
    I think it'll be a handy and warm addition to your wardrobe for sure.
    And I LOVE the Dolores! LOVE!! Amazing effort and stunning result.
    Have a wonderful week.

  2. Defo keep it, just play with how it sits. Looks fab

  3. I really like it too, I love it as the hood

  4. It's gorgeous - perfect when it's warmer and you wouldn't want it at your neck.

  5. I really like it Fran, but I guess you've got to be comfortable wearing it. I hate it when the fit of something isn't as you expected. Btw, sorry to hear about your bad night recently. Sometimes the antihistamine can take a while to kick in, can't it.


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