Friday, September 25, 2009

My new favourite dress

I ducked into a local fabric store afew weeks back and bought some fabric for making summer clothes.
Miss A's shirt is from the Simplicity pattern 4206.  Sweet and simple!

It passed the test of shakin' and movin' quite nicely.  She takes it all so seriously God love her.

I also got down to business and made this Built by Wendy 3835.   I just love it.  Light weight, comfy, but something a little more special than shorts and a t-shirt you know.....  Think I'll be making afew more of these.  I bought both these patterns, and more from here.


  1. What a great style of dress.... looks super comfy as well

  2. Fran I love the dress, super awesome

  3. Wow that dress is just gorgeous! I need some summer frock action like that! ... and your wee model is just so cute!

  4. looks good! got that pattern too and was thinking a nice dress out of it! always makes a change to jeans and shorts in this house! dresses!



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