Friday, January 8, 2010

A-ha moments

1. Chain piecing really makes whipping up a quilt so much faster

2. Changing the blade on your rotary cutter - I'm in love again!

3. Changing the needle on your machine - like wise

I started cutting 5 inch squares for the 65 Roses project on Wednesday and found I just couldn't stop.  The guidelines called for "fresh spring coloured florals or prints with a vintage/romantic feel." 

As much as I love modern, bold prints I am really a sucker for vintage/romantic prints so I had plenty to choose from in my stash.  I ended up putting together three blocks for the charity quilt and liked them so much I decided to make a smallish quilt for myself.

Enter the chain piecing.  How had I forgotten about this wonderful technique???  I put together all 36 squares for my quilt top in an evening.  I made a trip to my local fabric warehouse today to get some cotton batting, binding and homespun for the backing and border and I'm sooooo itching to get this quilt finished.

Kids in bed?  Check
Husband at work? Check
Sewing machine on? Check



  1. I just changed the blade of my rotary cutter too, and doesn't it make a difference! Such beautiful vintage feel florals too...

  2. such a beautiful fabrics..and lovely quilt top. I will start trying patchwork & quilt this year. I don't have rotary cutter, so it's quite tidious to mark & cut all the squares..:D

  3. Thanks for the chain-piecing tip- looks like a fabulous time-saver....


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