Monday, January 18, 2010

On their way for a good cause

Afew weeks back I signed up to make a block for the 65 Roses Quilt Project.  I enjoyed the process so much I ended up making three blocks, each embelished with a different rose motif. 

For the first one I used a lace trim rose I made some time back when I was just playing around with learning different techniques.  I had afew bits of lace trim laying about so I ran a gathering stitch along one edge and gathered it up to make the rose.  I think it looks lovely, but it just sat there on my sewing table............obviously waiting for the right project to come along.

The second block I embelished with a felt rose using the design provided by Kathreen.  I've been wanting to have a go at using felt for a while now, so I went all out and bought umpteen different shades of wool blend felt to play around with.    After choosing four shades of pink/red I used a simple running stitch in a lighter shade of embroidery thread to hold it all together.

For the third block I decided to pull out my cross-stitch supplies which have been packed away for a good four or so years and have a go at stitching straight onto the cotton fabric, something I've never done before (I've always used Aida cloth).  I searched around amongst my magazines for a nice rose pattern and went for it. 

It's far from perfect, but I'm happy with it.

I popped them in the post today so hopefully they will reach Kathleen safely by the deadline of January 20th.  I really enjoyed participating in this project and I achieved the aim which I went into it with, which was to challenge myself to try out some new crafting techniques as well as doing something for a good cause!


  1. They're all so beautiful, but I think the cross stitched rose is my absolute favourite bit!

  2. These look great - I love all the different techniques for the roses! What a great cause and I'm sure they'll be much appreciated.


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