Friday, April 30, 2010

Feathers and fans - a crochet scarf

As promised, here are some photo's (post blocking) of the scarf I made earlier this month to give to my SIL for her birthday.  I was looking for something quite light and airy, as opposed to bulky and heavy as my SIL lives in Brisbane. 

You might be asking yourself, "why did she give a scarf to someone living in Brisbane???" well the answer is, it does get quite nippy in the mornings in winter where she lives - and she is a scarfy kinda person! 
Plus, I am still trying to stick to my giving handmade wherever possible.

After trawling through all the wonderful patterns on Ravelry, I fell in love with this pattern (among many others I might add).  It fit the bill of being light and airy and was gorgeous yet fairly simple to boot. 
I used two skeins of Moda Vera Merino, deliberately keeping the scarf fairly short, again with the light and airy..................

I love how this scarf turned out, sometimes it's a little difficult to give away the things I make......... 
Hmmm, but with all the fantastic patterns available I'm hoping to make one (or two) scarves for myself this winter.


  1. That is certainly lovely, and a great color too. I bet she was thrilled with her pressie.

  2. Love it Fran! Especially the colour. Being an ex BrisVegas girl I reckon the open weave of that will be perfect.

  3. It looks fantastic and what a great pattern!

  4. It's gorgeous! So gorgeous in fact that I'm about to click on the link right now to see if it would be managable for a newbie crocheter like me to make. I'm in love with it. I personally wouldn't have been able to give it away so your sisters a lucky lady!

  5. Oh Fran! It is gorgeous!
    Love the colour, love the pattern, love it all!

  6. That will be hard to give away!
    I love the colour, too.

  7. It's gorgeous Fran, and that colour is perfect!

  8. It is really lovely, I wish I had the patience to stick at learning to knit and crochet :/


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