Saturday, August 14, 2010


So this is not the subject matter I was planning for my 100th blog post, but I just could not leave off posting about this.  Tonight after dinner Miss A lost her first tooth.  It totally amazed me how many emotions she (and I) went through in the space of about five minutes!

How it happened:
Miss A was, for some reason, biting on her pajama sleeve and the tooth just popped out.  It has been loose for over a month, but on close inspection earlier today I though it still had a little while left in her head............

What happened next:
Wailing, sobbing and quite abit of bleeding.  It took me a few moments to make out what exactly had happened.  But when she opened her mouth and I realised I just grabbed her and held her close.  She kept repeating, "I'm not comfortable, I'm not comfortable.  It was an accident".  After I stemmed the bleeding and she settled down she asked if she could go straight to bed!  The tooth fairy is Highly anticipated.  It was only after about five minutes that she wanted to go and look in the mirror.

What a roller coaster of emotions Miss A went through.  Freaked out, excited, sad (I miss my tooth, sob, sob) and proud. 

I was not expecting it, but there you have it.

On a crafty note, following on from my last post, here are some piccies of the pinny I made for a little two year old friend last week.  Exactly the same as Miss A's but with a couple of yo-yo flowers attached to the front instead of pockets.

I forgot to mention in my last post details of the fabric I used.  The solid colour fabric is the most gorgeous cerise pinwhale cord I picked up on the fabric expedition I had to Cabramatta over a year ago. 
It has been quietly sitting there on the shelf waiting to be turned in to something pretty and I knew it was just perfect for this project. 
The floral print fabric is a poly/cotton my sister gifted to me two christmas' ago, just when I was getting into the sewing thing. 
Again it has been sitting on my shelf waiting, waiting for the right project. 
What a lovely combination they make.

I have made a point of late to use up the fabrics in my stash. 
 Although I can oohhh and aahhhh with the best of them over all the gorgeous fabrics I drool over on the internet I just cannot justify (to myself or my husband) buying any more fabric when I have shelves full sitting there untouched.

Stay tuned for the planned 100th post, post.  A tutorial and a give away.................


  1. Congratulations on your daughter losing her first tooth. I think children do get a bit overwhelmed when the first one pops out and then they realise it is okay. I hope the tooth fairy makes a wonderful visit! Your pinny looks adorable too, cord was one of my favourite fabrics to dress my children in when they were little and it wears so well too!

  2. She looks so cute with the little gap! My Cee Cee has the same mixed emotions when she loses a tooth - fear and excitement all at the same time....

  3. Wow, congratulations - that is a milestone! Lucia was so relieved to look like everyone else in the class, having a big gappy smile was the best achievement ever!


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