Thursday, August 5, 2010

My Creative Space

Last week while visiting a friend I admired the cute little reversible pinafore one of her children was wearing. 
I was very pleasantly surprised when she told me she had made it herself, and that it was super quick and easy to do. 

She dissapeared into another room and returned with another pinny for me to take home to use as a template so I could make some for my girls.

So yesterday I traced off a pattern, made some adjustments to upsize from a size 2 to a size 6, pulled some fabric from my stash and made Miss A's favourite new piece of clothing!

Miss A has been a little sick for over a week and pleaded with me this morning to let her stay home.  I caved in and agreed she needed a day off to try and finally shake off Mr Sniffles.  I found out later in the day the real reason she wanted to stay home was because she couldn't bare to be apart from her new pinny! 

 Last night I finished off Miss A's granny shrug, which she also loves. 
I left it on the end of her bed and this morning when she came into my bed for her daily snuggle she was wearing it. 
And she did not take it off all day. 
This from the girl who doesn't like wearing a jumper - like ever.

Today I spent about half an hour wipping up an On-the-Go Art Satchel for a pirate mad boy celebrating his 6th birthday tommorrow.

The photos aren't so great.  The light was fading fast by the time a snapped these shots, but as I'm giving it away tommorrow they will have to do.

I spent quite some time the other day scouring all the fabric in Spotlight, looking for something pirate themed.  I finally gave up and decided to look elsewhere, when on my way out of the store something caught my eye.  Amongst the rolls of plastic and vinyl (like for tableclothes) there was this fantastic pirate print.  I was a little skeptical but as it was this or nothing I bought some and thought I'd give it a go.

It actually turned out really well and because the vinyl is already stiff and padded I didn't bother using any lining or interfacing which helped make an already quick and easy(if I do say so myself) project even quicker. 
I used Mel's idea of adding a strip of fabric to the front cover of the VA diary just to add to the pirate theme. 

Tonight I sewed together a second pinny in a size 2 that I cut out yesterday.  I'm gifting to my friend who lent me the original pinny.

I do find my creativity definately comes in waves. 
Or rather it's always there, but I can only push it to the side for so long before it explodes and I have to act! 
How about you, what's going on in your creative space?
I'd love to know...........

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  1. What a super cute pinny, she looks so happy in it!!

  2. Gorgeous Pinny, Fran! Love the vinyl too ... I have a real thing for vinyl!

  3. You have been very busy!

    I love the shrug, it looks so cute and snug on her.


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