Tuesday, August 3, 2010

One per Month - July (a.k.a. the case of the missing month)

What a month July was, it just totally flew by.  The past few weeks have just been jam packed full of outings and entertainment, with a quick family holiday to Canberra thrown in followed by a very lovely weekend away to Melbourne for just Mr lls and I - bliss!!!  Hence posts have been few and far between round these here parts.

What a fantastic place Canberra is for family fun.  In the couple of days we were there we visited

Parliment House

and the list goes on.

The trip to Melbourne was a last minute thing (for me anyway).  Mr lls had been planning on going down to Melbourne to attend a convention for quite some time.  A couple of days before he was due to fly down he asked if I'd like to go with him.  A quick call to the in-laws to arrange a 'holiday' at Nanna and Pappa's for Miss A and Miss B and the answer was a definate Y.E.S.

I have no photo's to show as the camera somehow slipped out of my bag and was left behind on the floor of the car..........................

We arrived in Melbourne late on Saturday evening. 
Mr llp was attending the convention on Sunday so I had the day all to myself.

What a fabulous day I had. 
I caught the train and then tram to East Malvern, especially to visit the wonderful experience that is Patchwork on Central Park.
I spent a fair amount of time there just browsing and lusting after the wonderful fabrics on offer.  I couldn't bare to come away empty handed but as my airline ticket stipulated hand luggage only I restrained myself to purchasing just some beautiful Liberty fat quarter's which will oneday become a quilt. 

I had a scrumptious and leisurely lunch, uninterrupted by squabbling, attention seeking children. 
I then enjoyed travelling back to the city - just me, my thoughts and my mp3 player.

I spent the next few hours at the National Gallery of Victoria, wandering around as I used to do regularly pre-children, just enjoying the freedom to take. my. time.; until the nagging need for a good cup of tea got the better of me!

The next morning we spent alittle time in the city before heading out to the airport for our return flight home.

We arrived home on Monday afternoon, back to reality but oh so happy to be with my two little sweetpeas again.......................
and to the realisation I still had not completed my July One per Month challenge (shock horror).

The book I chose for July was Alicia Paulson's Stitched In Time

The project, Silhouette Stack.

After completing seven projects now from seven different craft books, I have noticed a common theme running through all my projects. 
That is my complete inability to follow instructions and adhere to the particular ins and outs of individual projects. 
I always seem to need to adapt the project for some reason or other.

In this particular case it was because I wanted to use fabric to match the quilts (last mention way back here)I have slowly and quietly been plugging away at for Miss A and Miss B.

Yes, Miss B still dresses up as a cat on an almost daily basis - cardboard cat ears and stuffed stocking tail is an absolute must as far as she is concerned!  Who am I to thwart her inner cat.
My plans for these quilts have morphed alittle since then, but today I finished the last block - that's 48 blocks done.  I've only attached the sashing to half of these but I'm getting there.

Anyway, I've gone alittle off track here, back to the Silhouette Stack.

I didn't have enough of the fabrics I wanted to use to make it the same way Alicia did by just stacking half a dozen different fabrics one on top of the other.

So how did I do it?

Well I did follow Alicia's instructions for stencilling the girls silhouettes onto the chosen fabrics. 
But then I just made wonky patchwork blocks. 
I then essentially made a teeny little quilt but instead of binding it I laid the right sides together, stitched around it leaving a 3 inch opening to turn it right side out through and slip stitched the opening closed.  I also sewed in a length of ribbon to hang them by.

I truly love this project.  Simple, sweet and definately something I will keep for many years to come.

They now take pride of place hanging on the girl's bedroom door. 
A vast improvement on the piece of black cardboard with some Disney princess stickers that was hanging there yesterday...............

More crafty goings on over the next few days including an On-the-Go Art Satchel waiting in the wings to be stitched up for a little boy turning 6 this weekend. 
We have quite the social calendar at the moment.  It seems half the children in Miss A's class were born in August - including Miss A. 
Her birthday party plans are well under way...........more on that later!

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