Monday, November 21, 2011

On-the-Go Art Satchels now available at Shorties!!!!

That's right folks, just in time for Christmas shopping.  I took my wares into Shorties at Newtown today, hoping that I might sell afew  - Celia loved them so much she bought all my stock!!!
I just realised I didn't even get a photo of them all.  The one's above are just some of the Art Satchel's you will find at Shorties.
I personally make each and every Art Satchel myself, and no two are identical.

There is currently only one available in my Etsy shop.  Find it here

Miss A
Miss B

I did a little photo shoot the other day, both my girls got right into it.  They really wanted to be involved.
See the skirt Miss B is wearing, I made that for her to wear to Orientation Day for "big school" last week.  Hopefully I'll post more details about that and lots of other things I've been making soon.

No time for chatting now though, better get sewing................

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  1. Your satchels look fantastic. I hope they go like hotcakes for you - then you will need even more time to sew. The skirts look great too. Hope orientation day went well for Miss B.


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