Saturday, November 12, 2011

you know that sinking feeling

you get when your computer dies?  I mean really dies, like you are told that it's gonna cost thousands to retrieve anything off the hard drive.  In other words everything is lost forever.

Do you know that tightness you get in the pit of your stomach when you realise you haven't backed up any photo's to the external hard drive for the last six or so months (because you didn't know you could set up the computer to do it for you automatically - double d'oh).

Do you know that complete and utter feeling of dispair and desperation when it dawns on you that
every. single. pattern.,
both free and bought, crochet and sewing, that you have very concienciously and systematically filed on your desktop just waiting for that day when you'll have the time to make them are

Half glass full - slate clean, start again. 
Probably never would have gotten to them anyway.............. 

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  1. Oh Fran, I am so sorry and I do know your pain! I have been through this myself. Unfortunately most of us don't think of backing up our 'lives' until be have lost at least one HDD. Starting with a clean slate is not always a bad thing....


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