Wednesday, November 23, 2011

puffball skirt - making children's clothes

Here are the details of the Puffball skirt I made for Miss B to wear to her Orientation Day. 

Miss B has been rather apprehensive about starting school next year, so as a sweetener and to add some excitement to the whole Orientation Day proceedings I gave her my copy of making children's clothes by Emma Hardy and asked her to pick out something she wanted me to make for her.  I also let her pick the fabric, which we got from Jack's Textiles (love that shop).  For the lining I used a piece of plain teal cotton I had in my stash.

The skirt was very easy to make, the instructions in the book are clear and easy to follow.  And a first for me, the waistband was one of those which is elastised only at the back, but has buttonholes in the elastic with a button fixed at each side to allow you to tighten or loosen the waistband as necessary - you know what I'm talking about, alot of kids clothes from Big W have it.

My only issue with the pattern was that the waistband pattern piece was too small and I didn't realise until the skirt was all sewn together and I got Miss B to try it on.  We just managed to pull it up over her hips.  I wanted her to be able to wear the skirt more than once or twice so I unpicked it and made a bigger waistband.

She loves it and happily wore it to Orientation, which got off to a shaky start but ended extremely well.  Miss B seems now to have embraced or at least accepted the fact she will be starting school next year. 


  1. Looks great. Hopefully she loves school next year, Lucy is starting school but luckily for us has been itching to go. Good luck

  2. Gorgeous - I love a good puffy skirt!
    Good luck to your wee girl on her journey to school. It can be so daunting for them but hopefully she overcomes that and just enjoys the excitement.


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