Thursday, December 3, 2009

Christmas crafting well under way

I decided this year to hand make as many gifts for Christmas as possible.  So I've made a list of what I want to make.........we'll see how it goes.

I was off to a good start yesterday making five little pencil cases for all the little ones in my life starting Kindergarten next year.  I used some of the left over fabric from the library bags I made for Graduation Day at my girls playgroup.  I filled each pencil case with a new pencil, a couple of cute erasers, a sharpener and a christmas ink stamp.   Miss A and Miss B loved them so hopefully they will go down well at Christmas.

There has also been ALOT of christmas crafting being done by my two lovely little sweetpeas.

I have been in two minds about giving hand made gifts.  I love the idea (would love to be on the receiving end I mean) and I also love the making (as the gift giver).  But I know that some people who are not into craft may see it as cheap and just do not get it.  None of my family or friends are into handmade like I am.

What are your experiences with giving hand made?  Have your gifts been well received?


  1. This is my constant angst! And I never know if friends are being polite or if I have the Auntie of the Dodgy Presents title. But if you made me a pencil case I would be over the moon! (so you go girl)...

  2. I attempt one handmade gift on people I think might like them. If they don't then I strike em off my list!


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