Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A couple of hits and a miss

I spent some time yesterday doing a little sewing.

Christmas bunting.......HIT.  I used the Moda charm square pack I bought while we were away, backed the squares with some yellow/white spot and green/white gingham I had in the stash and finished it with some green store bought bias tape.  LOVe it :)

Pencil cases.  Using some Ikea fabric I've had stashed away.  I made two identical pencil cases so to make it easy to tell them apart I embellished one with some of my yummy vintage buttons............HIT

Shorts for Miss A, made predominantly as a test run before making the shorts I intend to gift to my nephew at Christmas...........MISS!  So glad I did a test run.  These are size 5 modelled by my 3 year old.  I think they fit her better!  I much prefer the longer length.  The other issue I had was trying to add pockets.  I just made up my own pattern - because what kid doesn't love pockets to put their bits and pieces in.  First time round I sewed them in back to front, then after all that unpicking and re-sewing I found I had made the opening too small and they cannot get their hands in.  Oh well better luck next time :)


  1. What a great idea to add the buttons to the flowers. So cute!

  2. I like your Pencil cases and Ikea fabric lookes realy nice and those buttons too! It's a great way to add some colour!

  3. Great bunting Fran, looks super!


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