Monday, December 14, 2009

Things for me - no. 2 - a dress alteration

Last summer I bought this dress, mainly because I loved the fabric.  I love the look of halter neck dresses but just never feel really comfortable in them - especially with a rather plunging neckline!  So last night, once the little sweetpeas were all tucked up in bed I set to altering the dress to a more Fran friendly style.

(sorry the photo is abit blurry, taken by Miss A with Miss B striking a cat pose beside me.  She wears those cardboard cat ears and stuffed stocking tail on an almost daily basis - even going to bed with them sometimes.  Who ever said you need to spend alot of money on toys hey!!!)

and after!!!!!  Yay, I really, really love how it turned out.

I originally intended to shir the top but after cutting off the top of the dress I realised the skirt part was too wide to fit around my torso without further alteration. 

I wanted to keep this project as simple and quick as possible so I ended up turning down the top of the fabric to make a channel.  I then ran some 1 1/4" elastic through the channel to make the dress fit around my chest, just under my arms.  I used the ties from the halter neck to make straps and then sewed some 1/4" elastic around the waist to cinch it in. 

Hey presto one new summer dress!


  1. Oh wow I love it! I would never buy a halter dress for the exact same reason (and because I won't wear a strapless bra). Such a gorgeous dress which looks so much more gorgeous now.

  2. Oh Fran I absolutely love it. YOu look fantastic, well done

  3. Wow, your really on a roll! Looks great, Fran! The fabric is gorgeous, too lovely to be hidden away in the wardrobe.

  4. Wow, what a fabulous transformation. You look gorgeous.

  5. Fantastic!! That looks wonderful Fran, well done.

  6. Wow that looks fantastic, when I saw the first picutre I wasn't sure what you were going to do. It's brilliant!


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