Wednesday, December 23, 2009


After a not so subtle comment from the very cheeky Cass about giving handmade to my hubby, I felt so guilty I whipped him up an applique t-shirt last night.  He has been playing drums for twenty odd years so I feel the drum silhouette from here is very appropriate, boom ta ta is how the girls refer to the drums!

I also made a t-shirt each for my 9 and 11 y.o. nephews.  I caved in and bought the wii game they requested (yes, it is a Super Mario Bros game) but felt a handmade t-shirt was also needed. 

I am so pleased with how these shirts turned out!!!  I printed the images onto printable fabric , cut around it then used fusible webbing to adhere the images to the t-shirts.  I then zig-zagged around the image and voila - a custom t-shirt or three.

Oh, and because I'm a gluten for punishment I also made three diary covers for my sisters, using this wonderful tutorial by Ros over at Bloom.  What a gorgeous blog - if you haven't already, go and check it out. 

And when the total cost of each gift is only $3.50, I couldn't be happier.  That's right - I picked up the A5 size 2010 diaries from a local bargain shop for $3.50 each and all the fabric I used was scraps from my stash - yay!!!  Simple yet suitably impressive.

Some last minute sewing going on tonight - but more on that later............

Phew, only two sleeps to go.


  1. Is it just me that can't link to Bloom? I would really like to try the journal cover but only the blog title comes up?

  2. The T diaries look awesome Fran, and I'm sure your hubbie will like the drum t-shirt... very funky.

  3. Hi Fran,
    thank you so much for leaving the lovely comment on my blog and for making me discover yours. Have a lovely holiday!

  4. Melinda, sorry the link isn't working for you.
    It seems to be working ok when I try it but you could also try clicking on the link on my blog in the right hand column under the title 'favourite free tutorials to try'. If that fails just type in and Ros has a link to it in the lefthand column of her blog. Good luck - it is a great tutorial!

  5. What a whole lot of lovely gifts.
    I especially love those gifts for your nephews - what a good idea.

  6. PS Yes, my apron is a peg pinny, I just copied one I already had! It's not so hard though. Three pieces in total. The main shape is about slightly rectangle with the two bottom corners rounded off. Then cut the top piece exactly the same size. On the top piece cut the shape for the pockets. Put binding around the edge of the pockets. Sew the two pieces together around the bottom edge, then put binding around the bottom. Gather the top. Attached the strap. I cut one long piece, and sew it together inside out leaving a gap in the middle for the apron. Then I sew the apron part in.
    Oh boy very confusing. Sorry!


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