Friday, December 4, 2009

Feelingt thankful - and more christmas sewing

Australian Christmas bush in all it's glory - taken while out walking the other evening

Miss A and Miss B going for a ride around the block

I woke this morning with an immense feeling of happiness and thankfulness.  Happy to just be at home with my gorgeous girls, happy that summer is here, happy I have this wonderful little family of mine. 

It was probably instigated by last nights successes in the sewing stakes (and all the thanksgiving love going around blogland last week)!  I've been busting to show these sweet little dresses to you because I am just pleased as punch with them - I couldn't be happier with how these two little dresses for my twin nieces turned out!  It makes me wish I had two little twinnies to dress up............. 

I was originally going to do this, but couldn't find any white singlets I liked.  I found these cute little t-shirts at Target and then used some fabrics I got in one of Corrie's clear outs. 

It was such a quick and easy project - and the yo-yo's - let's just say now I get why they are so popular!!

At the end of my last post I asked what your experiences with giving hand made were and whether your hand made gifts have been well received?  I'd really love to know..............

But seriously, how could you not be happy if you were given these for Christmas????


edited to add: -
 I have been a great fan of V & Co. for a while so was very excited to find out Simply Modern Mom is having a giveaway of not one but four of Vanessa's patterns.  As they say you've gotta be in it to win it! 


  1. Those are lovely Fran. I love that tulip fabric I could kick myself I didn't buy some when I saw it. I haven't given many handmade gifts.. only ever corned beef and chocolates to my Dad and a quilt to my sister but they have always been very well received,

  2. Love them! Glad you had success - the yo yo's are perfect as well....

  3. Those dresses are great, well done


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