Monday, April 19, 2010

Giving and Receiving (and April One Per Month)

Look what I found waiting for me bright and early this morning!!!

I found a package in the letterbox when I got back from dropping Miss A off at school and it was all I could do to stop myself from running into the house and tearing it open.

I looove this pincushion, especially the size - no more overcrowded pincushion for me thank you very much.  And isn't the choice of fabric just perfect!

The very lovely Mel of from little things... (love that Paul Kelly song by the way) and I were late comers to the Foxs Lane Pincushion Swap so were partnered for a direct swap. 

Not only did Mel send this beauty of a pincushion my way but she also included some very lovely fabric offcuts as well. 
I have to confess I'm not much of a fabric connoisseur but would love to know what the beautiful floral fabric pictured above under the pincushion is?  I know that you will know, so do me a favour and fill me in?
edited to add:  thanks Mel for confirming my suspicions, it is Liberty

As for what I sent Mel's way, well after asking you which pincushion you prefered I went with the firm favourite, the Parisian pincushion.  Thanks to all of you who commented, it made the decision alot easier.
I crocheted up afew little flowers in Mel's favourite colour to throw in along with a packet of pins.

I really love this pincushion and admit readily that I did not come up with the idea myself. 
 I borrowed a book called Sew It Up by Ruth Singer, from the library about 12 months ago and one of the projects in the book was for a pincushion with a ribboned edge like this. 
I absolutely fell in love with it and knew that one day I would give it a go.

And although I don't own this book, I've decided to make this my April One Per Month project as it does come from a craft book and it's a project I've had bookmarked to try for some time.

So there you have it, a very big thank you goes out to the lovely Kate of Foxs Lane, whose blog I always enjoy stopping by.  What an effort; there were almost 120 participants in this swap - wowser!!! 

What fun it has been!


  1. Ah, that Kate has done a fabulous job - and with so many swappees it's been fun watching them unfold around the blogosphere! (Very swisho, your Parisien version)...

  2. Your pincushion looks lovely! I really liked the one you sent to your pal too, what a nice one! Kate has done a wonderful job with the swap, I am just waiting for mine to arrive, hopefully soon!

  3. Isn't it fun getting packages in the mail. The pincushion you received is lovely and yes, the fabric is just perfect.
    Fran you must be the pincushion queen, with all the making you have been doing. Great job, love the crochet flowers

  4. Fran I just got your email! And sent one back. Thank you once again for your gorgeous creation ... you rock!


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