Friday, April 23, 2010

Inspired creativity

A couple of weeks ago I made my first knotty necklace after seeing Marina's great tutorial over at Wink Designs 
Miss A and Miss B eyed it off for a couple of days until I suggested we sit down together and make them one each.  The second the necklaces were finished they put them on and have worn them religiously every day since, including while we were away (you can see them in the photo's in that post!).

While we were away, staying with my SIL, the children next door spent alot of time playing with my girls.  They admired the necklaces, and their mother complimented and enquired about Miss B's On-the-go Art Satchel!! 

I cannot tell you how great it felt to have someone admire and compliment something I had made before they even knew I had made it!!

I happily agreed to make her girls one each.

So yesterday I sent a lovely little package up to Queensland filled with handmade gifts...............

I think this little combo of an On-the-go Art Satchel and knotty necklace will become my signature gift for any little girls birthday parties we attend this year. 
Yes, I really do think so!

I couldn't resist posting this picture of little Miss B, decked out in a riot of colour - all things that this mama has made.

Do you still get a buzz out of seeing the things you've made being used??

I sure do, and I think it's that buzz, that sense of achievement and satisfaction that keeps driving my desire to continue to create............

This evening I entered two tops I've made recently into the Made by Rae Spring 2010 Top Week competition. 
Sooooo many great tops have already been entered, I've already added afew more projects to my ever growing list.

Here's hoping you get some time to create this long weekend - hope it's a good one


  1. Fran I am almost finished my on-the-go art satchel! Can't wait to post some pics for you to see ;)

  2. I so want to be your girls friend so I can have those cool pressies!! Fantastic Fran!! You know how much I love the on the go art satchel but did you know I love the necklaces even more!?! xox

  3. Fantastic Fran!! C adores her art satchel and I have plans to make one for the other kids too.

  4. Beautiful Fran. Your necklaces are so colourful. (just thought I'd tell you that when I click on it, the link to the necklace tute seems to lead to the Spring Top photo...).

    I also love the satchels you make and also get a kick out of seeing handmade present recipients wearing my gifts!


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