Saturday, April 3, 2010

My car loving kids

My girls have a tin box full of old matchbox cars, passed down to them from their dad and uncles and cousins which they L.O.V.E.  There have been periods in Miss B's little life where she has played exclusively with them.

Awhile ago I came across this fantastic play mat and was inspired to give something similar a go. 

I've used wool blend felt for the top of the play mat and some fabric I had in the stash for the backing with the tie so we can roll it up and stash it away or take it with us when we go visiting or away.  It is so light weight - fantastic.

I really enjoyed designing the layout - the houses, which are my favourite part, were inspired by the illustrations in an old children's book of my husbands called  "The Blue Bus" by James Kruss, a book I can now recite almost by heart.

And what project wouldn't be complete without some detail as requested by Miss A.  Her imagination and belief in my creative ability really knows no bounds...................  Filling up at the petrol station.

There is another 'zoo' or 'savanah' version all pinned together and just waiting to be stitched in my sewing room..................... but as usual I've decided on a heap of last minute easter sewing, not to mention a certain pincushion waiting to be made, so it will just have to wait!


  1. what a terrific idea! my kids would love this! as usual you always have the most creative ideas!-kb

  2. That is amazing... my boys would LOVE one like that. I loved the made by joel version too. You should write it up as a pattern to sell!

  3. Gorgeous! We're big car fans here too and I just adore what you made for the girls. Can't wait to the other one!


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