Monday, December 20, 2010

handmade gifts part 1

This has been some big year.

Life has been so full this year.

I've been so busy.  Busy adjusting to life with one child at school, and all that entails.

Busy making things.  Lot's and lot's of things.  Way more than I ever post about here.  Sewing, crocheting, baking, other crafty persuits....................

But the whole school thing has definately been the biggest defining factor when it comes to what 2010 was about for me.

Miss A settled in well, and over all has enjoyed her first year at school.  It took me much longer than her to adjust I think.  So often I have pined for those days, now lost to me forever, where I could just say "let's not go anywhere today".  We could just hang out, doing our own thing, whatever that was, on any particular day.

Everyday now seems to be a rush.  Rushing to get ready, rushing out the door, rushing to squeeze this, that and the other into those seemingly very short six hours.................

So now that the summer holidays have finally arrived I am planning to enjoy kicking back, taking our time, just spending time together.

Before the school year ended though, a special present for a special teacher needed to be made and given.  After being unhappy with my first attempt at a bag for Miss A's teacher, I settled on another bag pattern.  This time I used the bag pattern that came with Simplicity 4116 .  The dress will get made at some stage.  I just decided to face reality and accept it won't be before Christmas.

The bag though is done, and was very well received!

For the outside of the bag I used some lovely midweight olive coloured poly/cotton I found in my stash.  Beautiful fabric, and perfectly matched to the fabric I chose for the lining and detail of the bag.  I chose this fabric because Miss A's teacher often wears bold, floral prints in oranges and greens!  This fabric was also from my stash, left over from this dress.

I did add a few details to the basic pattern. 

I added the button and loop closure. 
And the fabric rosette, using this great tutorial from Little Birdie Secrets blog - what a great blog it is too!

And some pockets to the inside of the bag, which just make the bag a little more user friendly.

Would you check out these two doing a spot of hand bag modelling.

If nothing else, my blogging has taught these two how to strike a pose! 

One of the really great things about this year was meeting and getting to know some of the wonderful mums with children at Miss A's school.  Having their help, understanding and friendship has been a definate high light of this year. 

As a little thank you, my girls and I spent some time last weekend making a very Christmassy batch of Gingerbread cookies.  Just a small token of my appreciation. 

I also made a whole lot of these hair ties/clips/headbands to give to Miss A's friends.  Of course I forgot to take photo's of them all together before gifting them- they all looked so good too!  Oh well.

With only afew days left before Christmas I still have some gifts to make. 
I'll get there, I alway do!

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  1. Well done Fran you have been super busy. Have a Merry Christmas


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